Most of us at some time in our life have needed someone to listen to our problems or help them figure out the next step.  Fortunately often a friend or family member can advise. But there can be times when this help is not enough. Perhaps we may find ourselves stuck and indecisive about which approach or solution is best in a given situation. Sometimes when we are too close to a problem we cannot see the bigger picture. Sometimes we might be too emotionally enmeshed with the issues on hand. I can help provide that broader perspective and assist in identifying the core issues or perhaps aid in prioritizing action items, to work through the challenges.

I especially enjoy working with parents helping them through the challenges of parenthood and coaching them in the skills they need to parent in the style that reflects their values and beliefs.  Often once we start to actually listen to our teenage children we may discover that they are the wonderful human beings that we have raised them to be.  I'm hear to listen to you as a parent, and to help you find solutions to promote effective communication and connection with your child.

Although each of us is an unique being, we often struggle with  similar challenges. This individual uniqueness also means the one size does not fit all. Therefore the skills in being adaptable, patient and persistent will serve us well in getting a more satisfactory resolution to our problems.

Issues I’ve worked with include:

Parenting and Grand-parenting

Caregiving Issues

Conflict and conflict avoidance

Family discord

Angry Behaviors

Control Issues

Motivational Issues

Life Transitions