Anxiety and Balance Workshops

Having some measure of high anxiety at some time in our lives is a fact of life.  When our anxiety is in balance, it helps raise our awareness, and helps keep us safe.  It's when the level of anxiety gets out of balance that anxiety becomes a problem. It could be that we have high anxiety and a need for a lot of control in our lives or we are unaware and ignore our gut feelings.  There are many contributing factors that may come into play effecting our anxiety levels.  I have developed a method for my private clients, whom have found it incredibly beneficial and wish they could recommend friends and family. Therefore, I have redeveloped the method for a small group setting.

The method has been developed into three 45 minute workshops that helps to bring anxiety back into balance in your life. Workshops must be taken at least 1 week apart.

A Becoming Empowered

B The Power of Empathy

C Hydro-power and the Brain

Anxiety and Striving for Balance Workshops take place on Saturday mornings and are offered several times throughout the month. Book in via the online booking system below.