Modern day living at times can strain families beyond their coping capabilities.  In session I'm interactive, and sensitive, while being very aware of respecting boundaries.  Some of the issues that I work with include:

Communication   For us to get our needs met we have to communicate what it is we want.  Effective communication will facilitate this process. In seeking counseling we have recognized that there is something about how we relate that is not working.  Therefore something has to change in this process.  For us to change there must be awareness: in our dysfunctional communication patterns, in what it is we want to communicate, and in learning better communication skills.  

Specifically I’ve trained with the Human Givens Institute in London to gain competence in using the “Rewind Technique”. This technique is used throughout the UK in the treatment of phobias. In the treatment of trauma I use Guided Imagery and also EMDR.

Addictions   Having ones life controlled by an addiction, whether it be alcohol, medications, video gaming, pornography, shopping, or food can ruin relationships.  Take back control and begin to believe that you deserve to live a better life.