Reading List

Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders by Eva Musby

Bulimia: A Guide for Family and Friends
Roberta Sherman, Ron Thompson

Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery
Hall Lindsay Cohen, Leigh Cohn

Deadly Diet: Recovering from Anorexia and Bulimia
Terence Sandbeck

Diets Don’t Work
Bob Schwartz

Fat is a Family Affair
Judi Hollis

Fat is a Feminist Issue
Susie Orbach

Feeding the Hungry Heart
Geneen Roth

Father Hunger—Fathers, Daughters and Food
Margo Maine PhD., Craig Johnson PhD

Good Enough To Eat
Leslea Newman

Goodbye ED, Hello Me
Jenni Schaefer

Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating
Disorder & How You Can Too
Jenni Schaefer, Thom Rutledge

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Debra Waterhouse

Males with Eating Disorder
Arnold Anderson MD

Making Weight: Healing Men’s Conflicts with Food, Weight and Shape
Arnold Anderson MD, Cohn, Leigh and Holbrook Tom

Preventing Childhood Eating Problem
Jane Hirschmann, Lela Zaphiropoulos

Reviving Opheli
Mary Pipher, Ruth Ross

Self Esteem Comes in All Size
Gary Foster PhD., Carol Johnson

Surviving an Eating Disorder
Michele Siegel, Judith Brisman Phd., Margot Weinshel

When Your Child Has an Eating Disorder
Abigail Nathenshon

Why She Feels Fat
Johanna McShane PhD., Tony Paulson PhD.

8 Keys To Recovery From An Eating Disorder
Carolyn Costin