Phobia Coaching

If your struggling with a phobia and want help please text me to arrange a convenient time when we can talk. This will help me determine if you are a suitable candidate for the rewind technique. This technique is based on the APET Approach, which I learned through the Human Givens Institute based in the UK. Below I have endeavored to explain this approach by summarizing and quoting excerpts from the book titled, “Human Givens The new approach to emotional health and clear thinking” by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell.

The key to solving problems hinges on the interpretation given to certain situations. Alternative therapies have focus on thought distortions which support a person’s belief systems. For instance, catastrophic thinking, over-generalization, personalization, sensationalizing, fault finding, self-righteousness, disqualifying positive life experiences etc Griffin contends that these thought distortions are all sub-categories of the black-and-white, polarized thinking style - fight-or flight - that originates in the emotional brain, and the more emotionally aroused the brain becomes, the more it reverts to the primitive logic of either / or thinking. Therefore the based on knowledge about how the brain works one could deduce that any form of emotional arousal makes us more single-minded and hence more simple-minded.

Based on this premise it is necessary to change the meaning, which in turn requires the template through which we experience reality. This process literally changes consciousness. What is happening in this approach is firstly addressing the order in which the brain perceives meaning and its reaction to that perception. Perception and the way we react to our perceptions always depends on pattern matching to innate and learned knowledge. These inborn patterns or templates are being formed from the moment we are born through our experiences. Those experiences come from our environment coupled with our individual temperament. In reality what happens is that we perceive reality or life experiences through the template which in turn provides the meaning we attribute to it.